Most people consider shaving to be completely normal. The average person spends around 3000 hours of their life shaving. Razor market to be worth $22.5 billion by 2030, owing to increasing efforts by people to maintain their appearance. As recently as 2020, the value of the industry was just $13.4 billion. Some people use reusable razors, others use disposable ones. Due to the high number of people on this planet, shaving has become one of the biggest sources of environmental pollution.

Interest in shaving is growing rapidly and so are the number of people

Since ancient times, a clean-shaven male face has been considered a symbol of success and prestige. Unshaven or unkempt beards have historically been associated with barbarism and poverty. The number of men who shave regularly is growing rapidly. The first model of the razor was created already in the 18th century and since then it has been improved to make its use safer and more comfortable. The current market is flooded with cheap razors with plastic cartridges.

Is it necessary to have more blades?

While in the past one blade was considered the standard, nowadays we are increasingly seeing razors with five blades. More blades are not an advantage. While marketing promises a close shave, in reality multiple blades result in ingrown hairs and more skin irritation. Around a third of men experience more irritation with multi-blade shavers. Around 10 billion razors are used worldwide each year.

Corporations don’t care about the environment, only profit

Assuming a plastic cartridge is 3cm x 1cm, those 10 billion discarded razors would cover over 700 acres. That’s equivalent to 2400 Olympic swimming pools. Plastic cartridge razors are only sold because they take more money out of customers’ pockets. If quality metal safety razors were used that would last a lifetime, the shaving industry would not profit so much.

Safety razors are the best choice for the user and the environment.

Safety razors save the environment and your finances

Regularly shopping for shavers is a significant expense in every man’s budget. 1 plastic cartridge razor costs around 10 dollars and you need to buy them regularly. Safety razors cost around $20-$40 and last a lifetime. Using them will ensure and make your shave two-thirds cheaper. Can you count how many plastic cartridge razors you’ve thrown away? More and more men are realizing how much pollution plastic cartridge razors create.

Electric shavers are also a good choice.

Therefore, the basis should be the use of metal razors that have replaceable blades. One such shaver will last a lifetime, and since it contains no plastic, it will not cause any pollution. Buying replaceable blades costs a fortune and will give you a quality shave without irritation. Electric shavers are also an alternative, they can also be used repeatedly and have only a minimal impact on the environment. Currently, only about 3% of men worldwide use them. What about you, do you still use plastic cartridge razors?


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