Can you imagine changing your license plate at the touch of a button? In the US, a couple with an interchangeable license plate were arrested last month. It is very difficult to find out which car has such technology. Police in the US caught the driver at the scene while changing his license plate. The changeable license plate was located on the Mercedes C300.

The license plate is changed by pressing the button

Such technology would be expected in a James Bond car, along with a weapons system and other conveniences. The criminal couple was apparently inspired by the movies with Agent 007 and rebuilt their Mercedes so that they could change their license plate at the touch of a button.

Because something like this is illegal, the couple was immediately arrested. Police informed the police that they noticed a suspicious vehicle. They were shocked when the police checked the Mercedes. Just press the button and the license plate will change. Below you can watch a video on how license plate exchange works.

The car belonged to the robbers

A search revealed that the couple in the car were robbers. Burglaring tools and equipment were also found in the car to allow the contents of the tank to be pumped from another car.

Two men aged 37 and 44 were detained. He now has to confess in court to the theft and burglary.

Credit: Irvine Police Department