Every year, the Danish Faroe Islands inhabitants kill hundreds of whales and dolphins as part of a tradition. Despite the fact that whale meat is no longer essential for the survival of the islanders, whaling continues on a large scale.

Whaling Based on a Tradition

During the most recent whaling, which took place on September 12, locals killed over 1,400 white dolphins. Criticism has descended on the event because the massacre on the largest fjord is likely to do more harm than good. The Faroese people caught so many animals that they had difficulty processing their bodies.

Some onlookers found it hard to bear the sight of the carnage. The way the sea was stained with blood, and the way locals used spinal lances to sever the dolphins’ spinal cords to restrict the flow of blood to the brain. Knives disembowel the entrails. Then the bodies wait for the inhabitants to divide them up.

Why not Eat Whale Meat

Lopng-finned pilot whales, bottlenose dolphins, white-sided dolphins, and Risso’s dolphins are the most hunted. The origins of the grindadrab date back to at least the 16th century and the first records from this period have been preserved. Whale and dolphin hunting has a deep tradition. Cetaceans used to be the main source of food, especially meat and fat, for the fjord dwellers.

Today, however, this is no longer the case, so there is no need to hunt them in such numbers. Moreover, according to doctors, whale meat is not suitable for humans because it contains heavy metals such as mercury and other water pollutants. Nevertheless, cetacean meat is sold in supermarkets and restaurants and is offered to tourists.

Local politician Sjurdur Skaale says that fishing is humane as long as the rules set by the government are followed, i.e., for example, that fishermen are not allowed to use spearguns. However, there is no question of mental harm to these intelligent sea creatures. Some species of cetaceans live in groups, depending on each other, and have feelings for each other. The loss of an individual can cause psychological harm to others.

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