US President Joe Biden has ensured that the barbarians known as the Taliban regain power over all of Afghanistan. This radical movement took control of Panjshir province a year ago and it was the last Afghan province not under their control. Now all of Afghanistan belongs to the Taliban.

This is the territory now controlled by the Taliban:

Via Fauzan Akbar

FOX Business Network aired this map in August 2021.

No remnants of a Western-backed government can be found in Afghanistan. Hundreds and thousands of people from the USA, Europe and other parts of the world are imprisoned in this country. When you look back at 2001, twenty years ago, the Taliban held less territory in Afghanistan than they do today in 2021.

The Taliban at that time did not control the northwest region where the Northern Alliance was in control.

Biden has made the Taliban more powerful than ever

Thanks to US President Joe Biden, the Taliban now controls all of Afghanistan. This entire state has become a terrorist territory. The saved territory was voluntarily handed over to the barbarians, who behave as in the Middle Ages.

When US President Donald Trump was in office, he managed to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan. He prevented Americans and Afghans from dying unnecessarily. When President Joe Biden took office, everything changed. The US has never voluntarily surrendered a conquered territory, until the beginning of the administration of Joe Biden. American soldiers fled the country in fear, leaving behind billions of dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban. The Taliban is more powerful than ever because of Biden.