Real estate prices are higher than ever. Especially in many European countries they are reaching historical highs and most people cannot afford their own housing. The prices of building materials are also constantly rising, and because of this, most people will not be able to fulfill their dream of owning their own home. A startup that produces design houses from recycled plastic with the help of a 3D printer can change everything. They can make a beautiful small house for as little as $25,000.

A brilliant idea that can revolutionize housing

The startup is called Azure and is based in Los Angeles, California. It was founded by Ross Maguire and Gene Eidelman. Traditional methods of building houses are time-consuming and very expensive. Ross and Gene found a way to produce quality houses extremely quickly and cheaply. In addition, their method has no impact on the environment. Azure Printed Homes can completely change the entire construction industry, because it uses 2 powerful combinations – 3D printing and recycled plastics. With the help of this technology, he can quickly and cheaply print an apartment unit, an office and any other objects.

Image credit: Azure Printed Homes

70% faster construction

This method is 70% faster than traditional construction and also 30% cheaper. The construction industry produces around 20% of the world’s total carbon emissions. Azure manufactures homes sustainably and with a minimal carbon footprint. It is a pioneer in this field. House structures are printed primarily from recycled plastic polymer materials.

Image credit: Azure Printed Homes

In April, Azure unveiled what it called the world’s first 3D-printed building with recycled plastic materials. It was a small addition, meant to be marketed as a gym or outdoor office, and priced at $25,000. For now, small houses are being produced, but in the future the company wants to produce large houses as well. The interest in 3D printed houses is so great that the company has orders filled for the next 3 months.

Azure has a number of partners who provide it with plastic waste. Going forward, this startup would like to help build affordable housing that will end homelessness in California. The house is first designed using a 3D configurator, then printed within 24 hours, then assembled and delivered to the client. This is what the real future of housing looks like. If other companies are inspired by this idea, we could all look forward to cheap and high-quality housing.

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