There is currently a lot of pressure on cashless payments. You don’t have to carry cash with you, you can also pay with the help of a smart device, and you often get rewards for paying cashless. But it is another step towards the loss of freedom. When you pay cashless, every transaction you make is recorded and can be tracked by banks and the government. If you only pay cashless, all your activity can be mapped according to payments.

The end of freedom and privacy

It may sound excessive, but going cashless is one step towards losing freedom and privacy. It is proven that people can be easily tracked with the help of smart phones. Add to that the tracking of your payment history and your privacy disappears completely. We can see what the loss of freedom looks like in China, where citizens pay by looking at the camera (Smile to Pay system) and where social credit is calculated for each citizen based on their behavior. The system is leading to such a development in other countries as well, including Europe and the USA. When the government can track your every move, it has control over you.

Frequent use of cashless payments is associated with frequent debt and many fees. The bank then offers you loans and you become its slave. Digital payments are also subject to the risk of cybercrime. Tens of billions of dollars worth of money are stolen every year with the help of cyber attacks. In some cases, cashless payments have also been linked to domestic violence, partners can monitor each other’s spending. This is impossible when paying in cash.

Support cash payment

Can you imagine the cash disappearing? Suddenly it would be possible to track all your activities. When you pay in cash, there is no computer record of who you gave the money to and what you paid for. Paying in cash means you can buy goods or services from anyone and it won’t even be mentioned anywhere. It is important to encourage cash among children as well.

Why open accounts for them at an early age, give them cash instead to save in their piggy bank. You can give children money for their birthdays, as a reward for homework or for a tooth from the tooth fairy. Having a bank account is important, but it’s also important to encourage cash payments. Cash is being used less and less and we need to be reminded why it is so important. As long as people actively use cash, it will continue to be important and will not disappear. We will still have our freedom and our privacy.