Deep in the jungle mountains called the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia lives a tribe of people known as the Kogi. Tribal mothers, who grow up in the dark for the first 9 years of their lives, warn that we are causing a destructive and immense imbalance to Mother Earth. They sent their message through filmmakers all over the world.

Tribe Is Watching the Unfortunate Changes to the Earth

Kogi people approach nature with respect. The purpose of the tribe’s existence is to take care of the whole world, not just themselves. Therefore, they cannot understand how humans can continue to do such damage to the planet.

The neighboring Arhuaco tribe has seen changes in their surroundings – the snow on the mountain tops has melted and the savannah has dried up. Amphibians and insects, including butterflies, have begun to disappear in an area declared a Biosphere Reserve for humans and humankind.

Enlightenment Sends Warnings

These cultures are ruled by the priesthood or mamas, which is chosen by divination. Mamas go through a long spiritual process, like the Dalai Lama, who helps them gain enlightenment. The chosen mamas spend the first 9 times of life in complete darkness in the cave. They thus learn the cosmic consciousness known as Aluna.

The Kogi tribe came out of isolation and invited filmmaker Alan Ereir to make a film. In a 1990 BBC documentary, the Kogi people warned the industrialized world that if they continued their journey, disaster awaited them. In 2013, Erier made another documentary.

The lifestyle of the tribe is based on their belief in the “Great Mother”, which they call “Aluna”. They consider the Earth to be a living entity whose “children” are humans. They warn that our devastation, exploitation, and looting is weakening the Great Mother, which will ultimately destroy us.,, photo credit: © Aluna The Movie & The Tairona Heritage Trust