Every two seconds someone is driven out of home due to climate change. Disasters caused by worse climate have increased more than tenfold in the last decade. Citizens of low-income countries are most displaced.


People are most squeezed by extreme droughts, fires, and extreme floods. Earthquakes and wars bear less blame than the climate. Currently, people are seven times more likely to be forced to leave their homes because of the climate, compared to disasters such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

CO2 emissions are the highest in human history, and this increases the threat of the above-mentioned climate changes. The 20 hottest years have been recorded for the last 22 years.

Climate disasters are soaring. Over the last decade, they have grown from 200 to 1500 unfortunate events per year.

Poor Countries

Research shows that people from poor countries, such as India or Nigeria, are forced to move from their homes four times more often than people from rich countries.

80% of people living in Asia have had to face displacement in the last 10 years. More than a third of the world’s poor live in Asia.

People from island states, such as Cuba and the Dominican Republic, are displaced 150 times more often than Europeans.

Countries such as Somalia are in the worst condition at all. War conflicts and severe periods of drought have destroyed all local crops and cattle. Their standard of living is low, and the chances of a better life are scarce. These people starve in exile.

One measure is to respect the Paris Agreement by individual countries.

Source and credit: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/12/extreme-weather-climate-change-displaced/, pixabay.com