We follow reports on how many species of animals have become extinct, how polluted our oceans are, how running out of water, food and how the climate is changing. Do you think what our planet will look like in a few decades? The number of people has tripled in the last 60 years. Will the future be in the name of a gradual apocalypse, or will we be able to avert a gradual end?

The satisfying idea is that many people work every day to save our world. Products are recycled, trees are planted, sustainable solutions are devised and, above all, key issues are discussed. Few dare to predict what life will be like on Earth in 50 years, but reusethisbag.com has created an infographic that shows what our future might look like and what needs to be done to improve the state of our planet. The infographic is based on real statistics and demonstrate the gradual development of the state of our planet in many respects.

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Source: reusethisbag.com