Does it seem to you that the world’s governments are just perfectly controlled puppets? This idea may not be so far from reality. The Illuminati aim to control the world entirely and to ensure that it is easy to handle, whether through corruption, war or fear.

Allegedly, they dominate the fields of education and industry and aim at hindering the evolution of the humanity because smart people are hard to control. They are often spoken about only in conspiracy theories, and it gives them the advantage for the Illuminati do not want any attention paid to them, their existence is secret. Although there is indisputable evidence that the first societies of Illuminati were established already in the Middle Ages, it is not publicly discussed. Researchers say they are present in every bigger city, others deny it. According to the translation, Illuminati or supporters of Illuminism should be “enlightened” but what does it mean? It is a mystery. Let’s take a stroll through the history related to this society.


Several groups otherwise unrelated were reported to be associated with the Illuminati. However, some of them claimed to have at their disposal Gnostic texts or other secret information that was not accessible to the public. For the first time, this term was used in the 14th century in connection with the Brethren of the Free Spirit.

Another group – the Rosicrucians, was allegedly established in 1407 but came to public awareness only in 1614 because of the book Fama Fraternitatis and other anonymous writings. For example, they claimed to be the followers of the Templars. Martinists like the Illuminati were founded in 1754 in France and had a later offshoot in Moscow. We can continue to list different names and states they were active in, but it does not make sense if we do not say a few words about them.

Resonance of Illuminati

Illuminati or free-thinkers often came from the Freemasons or are even considered as them whether it is right or wrong. In contrast, however, they were not forced to recognise the Supreme Being (no matter what they call it).

The Illuminati were often accused of preparing different conspiracies, and of disbelief against God, they were considered guilty of many things – natural disasters and revolutions, and so on. The Illuminati are said to seek to replace all world religions with humanism and establish one world government, and they even stick at nothing – murder, bribery, extortion, bank control, infiltration into the highest circles and even governments.

Illuminati today

All Illuminati movements were mostly based on conspiracy, i.e. secrecy. We can merely imagine them as a specific group of people with common goals that come together and then pursue their goals by certain means. Perhaps this sentence is familiar to you, but we can say that it is generally just an analogy of groups that we can call, for example, political parties or groups of entrepreneurs.

The point is that there are some forces that the public does not know about, but they sometimes give away something. Their members may be members of one interest group, one nationality, a criminal group, or, in fact, even secret police. Moreover, they really can control the society or the state by using specific coercive measures. And when we think about it, there are such cases from both ancient as well as present times. So, are Illuminati living among us or not?