Disposable plastic was previously considered a practical and useful discovery. People do not treat well with them and can’t save them. We recycle only a small part of the used plastics. People from third world countries often do not know the concept of recycling, so they simply throw away the bag or crucible. Some countries have already introduced a ban on the use of disposable plastics. India has decided that it is now its turn and plans to join the trend with banning the use of six selected products.

The Indian government plans to ban the use of several disposable products, namely plastic straws, sacks, bags, plates, cups and small bottles.

Gandhi’s Birthday Anniversary

The ban will come into effect on October 2 – on the anniversary of the birth of Mahatm Gandhi. From this day on, residents will have six months to find an alternative. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been told to discard all selected plastic products by 2022.

India is one of the countries that are overflowing with plastic waste. This ban should reduce the annual consumption of plastics by about 14 tons, which is 5 to 10% of the annual consumption.

E-commerce Companies Included

The ban also applies to companies, such as Amazon, Flipkart, or Walmart, importing goods in plastic packaging.

 “The ban will be comprehensive and will cover manufacturing, use and import of such items,” one official said.

The government will also ask e-commerce companies to limit plastic packaging, which accounts for nearly 40% of India’s annual plastic consumption.

Single-use Plastics in the World

Kenya recently introduced a ban on the use of plastic bags. You may be subject to high fines or even a year’s imprisonment for violations.

India also plans to sanction violations of the ban.

By 2021, the European Union plans to ban plastic disposable items such as straws, forks, knives and cotton buds.

Much of the plastic waste ends up in the oceans, damaging ocean life, affecting the food chain in such a way that plastics end up on a plate in the form of micro-plastics in seafood.

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