Medical gloves are important because they can protect us from viruses and bacteria on the surface of the objects we touch. Although these gloves can protect us, they can also endanger us. The longer we wear these gloves, the more viruses and bacteria settle on them. When we subsequently touch clean objects with dirty gloves, we are actually infecting them.

Danger of wearing hygiene gloves

A physician’s assistant at Upper Valley Urgent Care named David Tiller says in the Realpharmacy magazine on the frequent wearing of gloves:
“Cross contamination is when you yourself either are infected or come in contact with something infected and you pass it on somewhere or to someone else,” said Tiller. “The only time it’s proper to use a pair of gloves is if you’re gonna do one specific task. You do the task, and then you throw the gloves away.”

“So, you put your gloves on, you leave your car, you touch your car, your steering wheel, your door handle, the handle to the store, and the grocery shelves. You’re touching everything from the checkout counter, to your credit cards,” said Tiller.

Thorough hand washing is a better alternative

Imagine the situation in the store, the seller touches money in gloves, then the goods, then the cash register, then the customer’s hand and again reaches for other goods that can infect the gloves. In many cases, it makes more sense to wash your hands more often. Regular use of disinfectant is more effective than wearing gloves. Frequent use of gloves also contributes to environmental pollution.

Tiller also told reporters, “Although your hands are protected, you’ve passed on your sneeze to every single person in that store. Using hand sanitizer or washing your hands is a much more effective way of not spreading germs.”

The gloves should only be used for one-off activities where there is a risk of contact with the infected surface and where it is not possible to disinfect your hands. When removing the glove, always grasp the edge so that we do not touch the areas where we touch dangerous objects with the glove. Even medical gloves need to be used with caution, otherwise they will do more harm than good.


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