Low oxygen supply to cells is the cause of age-related physical and cognitive decline issues. The membrane receptors in the red blood cells are responsible for releasing oxygen from hemoglobin at a high level. The same study reveals that the same receptors may decline the issue of hearing loss and cognitive decline that are associated with aging if the oxygen supply to tissues is improved. The study is a new hope for targeting new anti-aging drugs.

Proper Supply of Oxygen to Cells is the Supportive Argument:

Within a decade, the life expectancy in the USA grew from 70 to 79 years and is predicted to continue to grow. While this highlights modern medicine’s achievements, it also means that a growing proportion of the population is forced to deal with the physical and cognitive decline that comes with aging.It has become a goal to find innovative techniques to help people age properly rather than merely live longer.

The clue in this study lies with the idea that aging is the reason for decreasing oxygen supply to tissues.

Not Only Aging but Related Issues Can Be Triggered with The Slow Supply of Oxygen:

Researchers suggest that this triggers immune changes that promote chronic inflammation, linked to almost all conditions of old age. The result of this inflammation could be cognitive decline and hearing loss, among many issues.

Aging in general, but mainly some neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease is related to reducing the oxygen activity in the same metabolic pathway.

There are shreds of evidence suggesting that improving oxygen supply to cells may reduce aging or slow down the process. However, the argument is supported by a small study that says that hyperbaric oxygen therapy, which is a treatment of breathing pure oxygen, appeared to rejuvenate cells in older adults.

Now the related research carried out in mice led by the University of Texas McGovern Medical School in Houston has found that ADORA2B can also prove useful in staving off aging by providing the oxygen supply to tissues.

However, the drugs that provide supply to this pathway help fight the age-related issues and causes of weakening.

article resource: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/study-reveals-how-red-blood-cells-may-help-to-stave-off-aging