The Food and Drug Administration has approved eye drops with an alkaloid from a South American tropical shrub. Drops improve short-distance vision and can rid millions of people of reading glasses. A cure for gradual vision loss is available by prescription.

Eye Drops to Replace Reading Glasses

Many of us may meet difficulty reading. We realize this the moment we close our eyes as we read the book to get a better view of the scriptures. Gradual loss of vision usually occurs after the age of 45. The main factor is the natural aging of the body.

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Thanks to the eye drop developed by AbbVie, we may not have to buy reading glasses. The use of VUITY eye drops ensures sharper eyesight over short distances for several hours. Revolutionary medicine contains the plant alkaloid pilocarpine. The active ingredient of the drops is obtained from South American tropical shrubs of the genus Pilocarpus.

Tropical Shrub Alkaloid

With increasing age, the lens in the human eye loses its original elasticity. This causes the ability to focus on short distances. Pilocarpine works on the principle of narrowing the pupils, which leads to improved vision at short and medium distances. At the same time, long-distance vision does not deteriorate.

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According to optometrist Selina McGee, approving the use of VUITY drops is a good opportunity for people whose vision weakens due to age. The US FDA’s approval of the drops was preceded by clinical trials with a total of 750 people between the ages of 40 and 55, who were affected by an impaired vision to varying levels.

Tests have shown that VUITY drops do contribute to improving near vision without unpleasant side effects. The drug is available in the US on prescription.

Source:, featured photo by felix_w on Pixabay.