Andriod Phones are preferred by many people because of their user friendly Operating System. If you compare them with other kinds of Operating Systems that other phones have, you will find out that Android is far much easier to learn and operate. At times a child can take your phone, and put the wrong pass word severally, or the wrong pattern, and your Android phone get blocked. After finding out what has happened, you start worrying about what you will do to root it so that it can start operating again.

Ways to root your Android phone

There are several ways that you can use to root your Android phone. They are covered here one by one. First, you can download an Application that known as Framaroot that has been designed to help you root your device very efficiently. It is very easy to root your phone in just one click, and everything is done.

You commence by downloading this Application. If you have not checked the box in your phone settings that allows applications from unknown sources to be installed, then you have to go there, and check it, hence allowing the Framaroot to be installed. After downloading and installing it, then you open it. Having opened this Application, from the menu you have to choose, “install super user.” Having chosen that option, then you wait for a reply indicating that you have succeeded in installing it. If you follow these instructions very carefully and correctly, your Android phone should root by itself.

Root your Android phone without a computer

Secondly, you can decide to root your Android phone without a computer, using another application. There is another substitute application that you can use to root your Android gadget that is called Towelroot. You just have to download it, and then go to the settings, and check the box that allows Applications that are not from Google Play Store to be installed in your gadget.

There are some special instructions that this application demands from you, like disabling any antivirus application, that you could have pen ultimately installed in your gadget. After that, you can now download the application. After downloading it, then you need to install it so that it can start functioning. After installation, the application is now in your phone, and the only thing that is remaining at this point, is just to click the, “make rain” option, which will prompt Google Android to warn you, against installing Applications that are not from their Play Store. You should forsake this. After doing the above, your Android phone will be rebooted after being rooted.

Diversity of methods

Rooting Android phones has a diversity of methods, and Applications that can be used to do that. You can use a computer to root them, and most people prefer that method because it is natural for people to have a strong perception, about a galore of things that a computer can do, in solving other problems in most electronic gadgets. However, let us look at yet another method, that can root a phone without using a computer.


Thirdly, there is yet another sophisticated Application that can solve this problem in minutes, known as Z4Root. This application is not found in Google Play Store. You have to download it from the official site, and then go to your settings, to allow the phone to install applications that do not belong to Google. Having installed it, then you click on, “Root,” and then reboot your gadget to see if the rooting has taken place. This application is very powerful and it accomplishes the rooting task in just a few clicks, and also without having to use a computer or to visit an expert.

All what is required when rooting Android phones is to follow instructions very carefully, and everything is done for you very quickly, and conveniently.