Most of the devices around us are powered by a lithium-ion battery. We can find it in phones, laptops, smart watches, power tools and electric cars. These batteries gradually lose their capacity and usually expire when they reach the end of their life. However, it is a huge waste of valuable resources and the generation of hazardous waste.

Most of the material can be recycled from each battery

In the batteries we find lithium, cobalt copper and nickel. Current recycling methods have not been effective and have left a mark on the environment. The batteries melted and released many pollutants. A new company called Li-Cycle can recycle batteries in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. It can use 95% of the material from each battery. Importantly, it can recycle all types of lithium-ion batteries, regardless of their shape or size. The batteries are safely treated in a water source to prevent fires and to effectively separate the individual parts of the battery. The individual elements of the batteries are insulated and then sold to recycling partners, who can use them to produce new batteries.

The benefits of efficient recycling

The company has recycling plants in Rochester, New York and Canada. It can process tens of thousands of tons of batteries every year. This has several advantages: The amount of hazardous waste will be reduced, important materials for battery production will be cheaper and there will no longer be the need to mine so many natural resources. If recycling were carried out on a large scale, it would be of global importance.

This technology attracts many investors

The company has gained a lot of attention and many large investors are interested in investing in it. LG wants to invest $ 50 million in Li-Cycle. The electric vehicle manufacturer Arrival, which has concluded an exclusive contract, is also interested in cooperation. All batteries will be recycled at the end of their life. Li-Cycle can be a very important step for a sustainable electronic future.

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