Have you ever used plastic cutlery or a disposable plastic cup? It may seem like something harmless, but if you imagine 7.7 billion people doing so, it becomes a global problem. Many sea creatures are literally drowning in plastic, and apt campaigns highlighting the issue represent one way how to raise awareness.

Increase awareness of plastic pollution

If you want to solve a problem, it is essential to raise awareness of as many people as possible regarding this issue and change their attitude towards the environment. Many people do not know about this problem and the international non-profit organisation Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) tries to change it.

The organisation is making every effort to protect ecosystems and endangered species in the worlds oceans. They have created, together with the advertising agencies Tribal Worldwide São Paulo and DDB Guatemala, a shocking campaign to raise awareness of ocean pollution. 3D posters picturing suffering tortoise and seal are sufficiently poignant and may, with a bit of luck, fulfil their purpose.

Credit: seashepherd.org, facebook.com/seashepherdglobal