The stone is 1,098 carats which is a bit less than the second-largest diamond.

The diamond is found in Botswana, and according to the news report, it could be the third-largest diamond on earth.

The gem was uncovered on June 1, in the southern of Botswana, and according to Bloomberg, this is the most valuable mine in the world.

A stone is yet to be named, is also the biggest gem grade stone in the history of Debswana, a collaborative undertaking between the Government and global diamond giant De Beers that measures 73 mm in length, 52 mm in width and 27 mm thickness.

And in the history of decades, the whooping diamond has a worth, according to the government of Botswana.

Discovery Of Three Largest Diamonds In South Africa:

The world’s largest diamond named the Cullinan, which weighed 3106 karats when discovered in South Africa in 1905, is bigger than the combined two runners-up.

In 1908, the titanium gem was cut into 100 pieces and the biggest 530-carat chunk was sent to London, where it decorates the head of the Royal Scepter of the British Sovereign (one of the Crown Jewels of England stashed in the Tower of London.)

However, according to the data, Africa is a leading producer of diamonds and is also home to the mine where the world’s second-largest diamond has been uncovered in 2015. The second discovered diamond weight 1,109 carat stone.

Bloomberg reports that the new stone will be evaluated in the coming weeks at which time the state-owned diamond trading firm in Botswana can determine whether it can be purchased from Debswana or sell it through the De Beers channel.

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