Plastic waste can be found not only in the oceans, but also on beaches around the world. Large and small pieces of plastic waste are very dangerous for animals, but also for the overall ecosystem. In many places, plastic waste is collected by hand and with the help of manual sifters, in others, tractors help. However, such cleaning of beaches from plastics is very demanding and strenuous.

A robot that cleans beaches

Poralu Marine came up with a great invention, making a beach cleaning robot. This robot can help people clean the beaches, but it can also work completely independently. This device mechanically sieves the sand to remove plastic waste and other impurities. The robot works in such a way that it does not disturb the local environment. BeBot does not burden the environment in any way, because it is powered by solar cells. Its efficiency is very high, it can clean up to 3000m2 of beach in 1 hour. It uses a small 1 cm x 1 cm sifting grids to separate small items from the sand.

BeBot is already actively cleaning the beaches

BeBot is already actively cleaning the beaches. One of the first companies to use it is 4Ocean. 4Ocean uses these robots in South Florida and plans to use them in Hawaii and elsewhere.

“We are always searching for innovative technology to improve our cleanup capabilities and are thrilled to partner with Poralu Marine on introducing such an impactful piece of technology,” said Alex Schulze, 4ocean’s co-founder and CEO. “With the launch of the BeBot, we are able to work smarter and sustainably while recovering plastic that has already seen the ocean and preventing new plastic from ever getting there in the first place.”


Credit: 4Ocean