Mass immigration can significantly disrupt the functioning of the state. Joe Biden and Democrats welcomed over 2 million illegal aliens into the US in fiscal year 2022. This year is not over yet, so the final number may be significantly higher. In addition, this number does not include illegal immigrants who used escape routes and did not get caught.

The United States is about to collapse

As big as the United States is, 2 million people is too many people all at once. The effect on the weakened American economy is estimated to be completely destructive. How long can they absorb so many foreign immigrants here without serious consequences? Many people see this as a destructive plan designed to destroy the American economy and bring about a collapse.

Every American taxpayer pays for these immigrants’ transportation, shelter, electricity, gas, school and other expenses. America is about to collapse, the Democrats are pushing it into changes that are irreparable. We can see how mass immigration has affected life in Europe, it has brought a huge wave of violence, crime has skyrocketed and people live in fear in many places. A similar scenario will now be experienced by both the USA and Europe. Dealing with a huge number of immigrants is complex and, unfortunately, the issue is kept silent. More and more people are realizing that this is a crazy plan to disrupt the proper functioning of states.

The number of immigrants coming to the US is constantly increasing and it is only a matter of time before this country can no longer handle it economically.