What do you mean by agriculture? Many people imagine fertile fields where a variety of crops are grown. However, growing crops can take many forms. Italian scientists have accomplished something sensational. They managed to build the first underwater garden in which terrestrial plants are grown. They use glass domes for this. Many vegetables are grown in these domes, such as basil, lettuce, tomatoes, and even zucchini flowers, green peas, aloe vera, and mushrooms. The crops grown are as good as if they were grown in a normal garden.

Nemo’s Garden

The project was launched by the Ocean Reef Group. The garden was named Nemo’s Garden. It’s not just an experiment. Climate change in recent decades has caused many places in Italy to have such a drought as to prevent crops from being grown there. Nemo’s Garden is a project that is almost self-sufficient and its construction is scalable.

Nemo’s Garden is a project that is almost self-sufficient and its construction is scalable. The research team has even set up cameras near the underwater garden to monitor the growth of live crops. The biospheres are located 8 meters below sea level, specifically on the coast of Noli in Liguria. The operation of biospheres requires a small amount of electricity, which is provided by energy from the sun. Evaporated water is also used here, which condenses on the ceiling of each glass dome. Condensation is a source of water for every plant.

An important source of vegetables for the future

Increased pressure below sea level does not harm plants, but on the contrary benefits. Due to the higher pressure, they germinate and grow much faster. These unusual conditions also make the crops taste more pronounced. Plants grown below sea level are not endangered by pests or human activity. At present, it is primarily a research laboratory, but in the future it could be a way of growing crops that will ensure the supply of food to many people.