The Paris architectural studio rescubika designed a carbon-neutral building, the green Mandragore tower, which should stand on Roosevelt Island in New York, aims to reduce CO2 emissions.

Building of the Future

The Paris architectural studio rescubika is known for its green projects. Currently, their latest bold concept is the design of a green residential tower Mandragore for New York. The architects plan to build 160 floors with a total height of 737 meters.

Green Technology

Several green technologies have helped to do this. The sustainable project includes 36 wind turbines and 7,000 square meters of solar facades. An ingenious heat recovery system ensures pleasant cooling on hot days as well as warmth during the winter season.

The building is to be planted with CO2 – 1600 absorbers and vertical green areas with a total area exceeding 24,000 square meters of the facade.

Carbon Neutral

The project includes a vision of a “city of the future”, ie carbon-neutral buildings – a green residential tower is intended to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than the building itself produces.

Each apartment will have an office room where people can work from home, reducing their carbon footprint due to traffic, thus contributing to carbon neutrality by 2050.

The public is not too lenient with a huge project resembling buildings in Dubai, Arab. Some believe that a super modern tower will destroy the city skyline. However, green projects are meant to benefit everyone.

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