Kenya is suffering from a devastating drought. 2.9 million people are at risk of starvation. Water sources for humans and animals have dried up. The climate crisis has hit this African country hard. Local pastoral communities are on the verge of life and death due to the drought. Cattle are the only source of livelihood for herders, and when they start to die of thirst, they have nothing to eat. Drought devastates especially the northeast of the country.

A natural disaster for the whole country

Many dead cattle can be found along the road. Livestock are considered the only savings in the local communities and also a legacy. Whole families try to migrate to places where pastures are suitable. Cattle are often so weak that it is necessary to transport them on wagons. Not only farm animals die, but also wild animals, such as giraffes, which searched in vain for water. Drought also threatens camels, which have lost their fat stores due to lack of water. Check out the rough series of photos published by Getty Images below.

Photo credit: Ed Ram for Getty