If you thought so far that freezing and restoring a human being is a fantastic thing that is as far away from reality as some other cosmic galaxy is from ours, you are wrong. Doctors from the Medical University of Maryland, USA, have completed this procedure successfully. It’s a big step in medical science.

The team, led by Professor Samuel Tisherman, put the person into suspended animation.


Several studies that had been performed before this successful experiment are not known yet. Tisherman received permission from the FDA, which did not require patient consent since it would not be possible to save the patient in any other way.

Human blood was replaced with ice-cold saline. After that, the team transferred the patient from the cooling system to the operating room, where doctors performed a two-hour surgical procedure before restoring blood and warming up the body to average temperature.

A full description of the procedure will be published in 2020 in a new scientific document that Tisherman is currently working on.


His only goal is to pause life for long enough to carry out lifesaving emergency operations. Space travel is not in his interest.

The professor told the story of a young stabbed man:

“He was a healthy young man just minutes before, then suddenly he was dead. We could have saved him if we’d had enough time. I want to make clear that we’re not trying to send people off to Saturn. We’re trying to buy ourselves more time to save lives.”


The biggest and unexplained obstacle is reperfusion injury (tissue damage caused by blood supply back to tissue if organ failure or oxygen deficiency) occurs when the patient is reheated. The team has not yet identified all the causes of these injuries.

Tisherman’s goal is not space travel, but he can say without exaggeration that it is a great leap for humanity in surgery and lifesaving. A historical moment that would have previously been considered science fiction is becoming a reality.

Source and credit: themindunleashed.com/2019/11/doctors-frozen-reanimated-human-being.html,