Fast food has become a common eating habit of the modern hurried era. Yes, it’s fast, simple, we don’t have much to do with it, but it’s also fat and sweet. And that’s the hook. Recent research shows that fast food irreversibly damages the immune system.

Manufacturers of hamburgers, fries, donuts and other fast food meals use large amounts of fat, sugar and salt for a better taste. Food high in calories is nutrient-poor.

Obesity Kills

Currently, one of three Americans is overweight or obese, and worse – including children. 40 years ago, people ate rarely away from home, and the country did not face the epidemic of cancer and ADHD. Since 1970, the number of overweight Americans has doubled.

The average age of western countries citizens is getting shorter.

The Immune System Has Memory

Your brain evaluates junk food as an infection. The immune system gets a signal and works at full speed, becoming more aggressive.

In a German study, where mice were exposed to a high-fat diet and then a low-calorie diet, it turned out that the mice ‘immune system remained reprogrammed after this onslaught and the immune cells remained unchanged.

Doctors’ Surveys

According to Dr. Phil Maffetone’s studies, eating unhealthy food is as addictive to some people as it is to using drugs or alcohol.

Research by Dr. Joel Fuhrman proves that unhealthy food leads to many serious health problems, such as obesity, digestive problems, type 2 diabetes, cancer, heart disease, stomach disease and more.

People who eat unhealthy food are 50% more likely to develop depression.

The next time you feel tired again, you are in a bad mood, your stomach is bloated and sore, your feet suffer from swelling, think about what you eat. Do these states really worth you to save time cooking healthy food?

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