Refrigerators are the appliances that consume the most electricity from the entire household. For many people, there is a sustainable solution for cooling food that does not consume any electricity. This is a project called Groundfridge. It is a small cellar that anyone can bury in the garden and use it as a regular refrigerator. The cooling system is based on a simple principle that has been used for hundreds of years.

How does Groundfridge work?

This refrigerator uses insulation in the form of soil and thanks to that it stays cool inside all year round. It is suitable for storing fruits, vegetables, wines, cheeses and cold cuts. This refrigerator is light, easy to carry and install.

Unlike the cellar, the installation of this refrigerator does not require any permission. The fridge is big enough to hold 2 people. A pit needs to be dug for installation. The soil from the pit is then used to place it in the refrigerator. A layer 1 meter thick is required.

The groundfridge is equipped with a battery-powered fan that draws in cold air at night. The great thing is that this refrigerator can be used in places where people do not have access to electricity and can store and cool their food for free. Above this refrigerator, it is advisable to plant some vegetation, such as shrubs or a tree, which will take care of shade and lower the temperature. The Groundfridge is designed by Dutch designer Floris Schoonderbeek.

If many people around the world started using this refrigerator, it would mean a significant reduction in electricity consumption and thus CO2 emissions. You can find more information on the project website.

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