Moira Risen grew up in a family where everyone was well aware of the growing problems of the polluted environment. The whole family tried to do everything in their power to naturally mitigate the harmful effects of their lives on the outside world.

As an adult, she wanted to do something for children who do not have such a family background. Moreover, because she worked in graphic design, she created a poster series that could be a useful tool for parents and teachers to involve their children in environmental protection.

The poster series contains 12 threatened and 12 already extinct animal species. Thanks to these posters, children can learn exciting information about these animal species and how human activities (agriculture, environmental pollution, fishing, dam construction etc.) affects their lives and makes them very vulnerable. The posters aim at showing the children how a healthy ecosystem works, and why it is important to keep nature in balance and to protect the entire environment.

Endangered animals by Moira Risen

The poster series is available on the POD (RedBubble) site, and the profit is dedicated to non-profit organisations and funds that focus on environmental protection.

Photo credit: Moira Risen,