The World Health Organisation (WHO) strongly recommends not to consume more than 30 grams of sugar per day. It amounts to about 6-7 teaspoons. Higher consumption often leads to obesity, diabetes type 2, and severe health problems.

Still, there are business showcases full of food and beverages that significantly exceed this quantity. Everywhere in the world, we can come across warnings about alcohol consumption, cigarette smoking, or drug use. Excessive sugar consumption, however, has caused more casualties than these three threats together. The problem of over-consumption of sugar is quite widely discussed in the USA where it has been estimated that one person consumes about 30kg of sugar per year. However, this problem has a global dimension.

An interesting approach to the issue has been proposed by an association involved in diabetes treatment in Thailand. They instructed the Thai designer Nattakong Jaengs to come up with an awareness-raising campaign to encourage the public to reduce sugar consumption. The campaign called “Sweet Kills” aims at showing the damages the diabetes type 2 can cause – ulcers and amputations. Sugar has a negative impact on our whole body, wrinkle formation, tooth decay, fat and much more. See how your campaign worked:

Photo credit: Diabetes Association of Thailand