A British businessman has embarked on a conservative plan to save the fauna and flora on planet Earth. The most modern conservation Noah’s Ark Park in South Africa is supposed to be built with the help of the public.

Conservation Parks

National parks are a protected area for plants, trees, mushrooms, and animals. Their purpose is to ensure the natural environment for species living in the area, to maintain clean water resources, to support the reproduction of endangered species. The Noah’s Ark project aims to provide all kinds of worlds.

Picture source: noahsark.life

One such park, called Noah’s Ark, will be located in South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal province. The park’s area will be about 100 square km. Construction of the park began in 2020, according to estimates, it will take about five years.

Noah’s Ark Park Construction

British businessman Richard Prinsloo Curson is responsible for the construction of Noah’s Ark of the 21st century. According to him, the animal kingdom has reached a point of crisis, as a result of human activity, agriculture, poaching, and climate changes, on which man is also largely to blame.

Picture source: noahsark.life

Curson, as co-founder of the Noah’s Ark Foundation, hopes the public will raise 5 million British pounds. The whole project will be carefully documented so that the world can see how the most modern conservation park in the world is being built.

The red list of endangered species is constantly expanding. In some areas, up to 75 percent of the insects that belong to the food chain beginning have extinct. Cruson said that we humans, as a species, owe it to all future generations to save the face of the planet, to preserve the natural world.

Source and credits: noahsark.life