Can you imagine having a smart device embedded in your body? For many people, this is a nightmare. It seems that some tech personalities are already counting on something like this. Pekka Lundmark, who is the CEO of Nokia stated that smartphones will not be as common as it is right now, with respect to connectivity, by the year 2030. “Smartphones will be implanted into individuals’ bodies” by then.

The company’s CEO outlined a terrifying future for phones

The CEO of Nokia said:

“By then (2030), definitely the smartphone as we know it today will no longer be the most common interface, many of these things will be built directly into our bodies,” at his panel appearance at the World Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

Here is Pekka Lundmark, Nokia CEO, talking about his views in Davos:

According to him, ordinary smartphones will gradually be replaced by wearable devices such as smart glasses or watches. The next step will be implants in human bodies. The world should not monopolize these devices until 6G becomes the norm. The expected arrival of 6G should be before 2030. In the meantime, more work is needed on the infrastructure so that all of humanity can be online. Not everyone knows what 6G is and its definition is quite vague. So far, many people don’t even know what 5G is. This controversial technology has entered our lives and not all of its negative effects are known yet.

The CEO of Nokia added that “intelligent knowledge systems would be synchronized with flexible computation capacities to make us more efficient”. This will redefine our lives, and how we live and work, and would also take care of our planet.

“Even though there is still a lot of innovation in 5G with the 5G-Advanced release of new standards, Nokia Bell Labs has already begun the research work on 6G.”

The ethical side of things

Many people are already terrified of being tracked via smart devices. If we don’t want to be tracked, just put the smart device down and turn it off. When we have a smart device in our body, it cannot be put down and it will be with us absolutely everywhere we go. It is important to pay attention to the ethical aspects and stop this madness. Do we really want tech companies to have access to our biometric data? Smart watches can already use the biometric data of each of us. If every person was tracked like this, technology companies and governments would know absolutely everything about us.