Spywares are no longer just a tool for criminals who want to steal money from your bank account, they are a tool used by governments and private organizations to spy on uncomfortable people. Pegasus is one of the most famous spyware today. This spyware is primarily aimed at journalists, activists, human rights activists or politicians. Pegasus spyware is capable of bypassing your phone’s security and gaining complete access to your device – including emails, messages, GPS location, photos, video, and your phone’s microphone. It was manufactured by the Israeli company NSO Group.

Why is this spyware so dangerous?

It can infect your phone without clicking on or downloading anything to your phone. It attacks both Android and iOS phones. Pegasus can record your calls, turn on your camera and read personal data. NSO Group sells this technology mainly to governments that use it to spy on people. It is intended to search for threats, but instead it is a tool that deprives us of freedom and is abused for political struggle.

It is a tool that suppresses democracy, and in today’s civilized world, such technology should not exist. Many governments oppress the rights and freedoms of their citizens. This spyware helps governments maintain their power. See below infographics from peoplefinders.com for key information on this spyware.

Credit: Peoplefinders.com