The government of the Solomon Islands has issued a decision banning Facebook, which is to protect the people of Solomon Islands from cyberbullying. It provoked heated discussions full of conflicting opinions. More countries have already banned Facebook to avoid political critics.

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Cyberbullying is a silent enemy of weaker manipulated individuals. Not everyone can defend themselves, so some governments have intervened and banned Facebook, either for a definite or indefinite period. Cyberbullying can lead to mental disorders and, in worse cases, suicide.

Solomon Island Efforts to Ban Facebook

The Solomon Islands is seeking to ban Facebook because of bullying officials. The government did not provide detailed information on whether the ban was permanent or for a certain period. The government defends itself by saying that many officials face cyberbullying and slander. Critics say the move is a suppressive voice of the opposition. MP and foreign relations committee chairman Peter Kenilorea Jr said the ban on Facebook was a “direct and brazen assault on the freedom of expression.”

“Reports of a ban or suspension of FB is a grave concern for the Solomon Islands, a democratic country. The cabinet is now strangling the very right it should be upholding. This decision should be condemned by all freedom-loving Solomon Islanders,” said Kenilorea.

Politics Safety

The ban on FB in other countries is intended to prevent political attacks. For example, the Government of Nauru banned Facebook for three years to stop biased messages after the government faced international scrutiny over migrants’ and refugees’ treatment.

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Students, journalists, and politicians from Cuba can log in to Facebook from their home network. Other Cuban citizens have access to a café, but the internet costs a quarter to half of their monthly income.

Some of the Middle and the Far East countries, such as Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, the United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, and China, banned Facebook. In addition to the Solomon Islands, Nova Guinea and Fiji are considering a ban as well.

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