An expert has warned that artificial intelligence (AI) will take 20 percent of all jobs held by humans in five years.

Richard DeVere, head of social engineering at Reading, England-based Ultima Business Solutions, issued the warning in an interview with the Daily Mail. His warning came amid the rising popularity of AI chatbot ChatGPT, which Microsoft invested $10 million in. The Big Tech firm said the technology will change how people interact with computers.

“I believe that ChatGPT could replace 20 percent of the workforce as is. Robots aren’t necessarily coming for your jobs, but a human with a robot will do,” said DeVere. “ChatGPT is no fad; it’s a new technological revolution. This isn’t just a new fad like Bitcoin, NFTs or smart contact lenses. This is happening and it’s showing no sign of slowing down.”

DeVere, who founded cybersecurity firm The AntiSocial Engineer before its June 2022 acquisition by Ultima, remarked that the adoption of AI “won’t be an overnight process where humans are automatically being replaced by robots.” Instead, he predicted a “first wave … from less experienced people using AI tools to assist with their everyday tasks.”

“We’re only just in ChatGPT’s early stages. I dread to think what we could expect to see a specialist in AI and workforces do.”

However, DeVere noted that creative professionals are safe for now – in spite of grim predictions about AI taking over the field.

“People in creative professions need not worry. Instead, they should embrace the developments. These advancements are not removing creative individuals from the process, [but] only assisting and strengthening their own capabilities.”



Twig CEO claims AI “will augment human workforce”

Financial technology company Twig is one firm that uses AI – in the form of ChatGPT – to automate business functions. The British firm allows users to convert items such as clothes into money.

“As an organization, Twig has recognized the potential of AI early in the process,” remarked Twig CEO Geri Cupi. “It’s the future and organizations will adapt their workforces around it.”

He believes that AI will not “take jobs” but will instead work as a tool, enabling people to work more quickly and effectively without being distracted by boring tasks.

“The recent advances in AI will have positive repercussions in terms of influencing the future of employment,” Cupi remarked, adding that AI will “free the workforce from mundane, repetitive and time-consuming tasks that may not contribute to its development.”

“In this sense, I view AI as a potent supplementing element to the human workforce rather than replacing jobs and importantly – enriching overall outcomes and allowing for the human originality and approach to thought and creativity to be exalted.”

But according to the Health Ranger Mike Adams, the rise of AI is driven by something more sinister. In his Jan. 19 Situation Update, the Natural News and founder pointed out that the globalist elites are working double time to exterminate humanity – which they consider obsolete. (Related: Globalists following planetary script to REPLACE HUMANS with AI systems … you are now obsolete.)

“Human beings – once valued for their labor contributions, creativity and problem-solving capabilities – are largely considered obsolete by the globalist controllers. Now, the script calls for the mass extermination of humans and their replacement with AI systems,” he said.

“The primary purpose of human beings up to this point, from the point of view of globalists, was to build up sufficient resources and technology to give rise to AI. Now that this tipping point has been reached, humans are obsolete and expendable.”

Watch professor Jordan Peterson discuss the dangers of AI and ChatGPT in the video below.

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