Tomatoes are the most commonly consumed crop and few people know what their story is before they hit the shelves in stores. Tomatoes are red gold, which is traded in the same way as petrol, wheat or rice. They make a huge variety of products, from ketchups to sauces, soups, pizzas, drinks and frozen meals.

Companies rely on cheap labor

While big companies make huge amounts of money for tomatoes, workers in the fields collect tomatoes for ridiculous money. They receive only € 0.01 for a single kilogram of tomatoes. No wonder the largest tomato plantations are often found in Africa or China. The tomato business was already in full swing at the end of the 19th century, mainly due to the Heinz company, which began selling canned tomato paste in series. What does a tomato’s way look like before it gets on the shelves? See the document below from Java Discover.