Are you afraid of a future where governments are watching you every step of the way and controlling everything you do? Would you like to be tracked and have social credit calculated based on how you behave? It’s a nightmare for most people, but more and more companies are emerging that promote these technologies, even directly in Europe. British company Walletmor is offering people to have a microchip implant placed in their hand to enable payment for £249.

Many people have already tried this terrifying technology

At first we paid in cash, the next step was payment cards, which the majority of the population quickly got used to. Payment cards are increasingly being replaced by smart electronics, i.e. smartphones, smart watches and rings. The next step should be implants that everyone will have in their body.

Walletmor appeals to people with the convenience of having a payment microchip implant in their hand and no longer needing to carry credit cards. The implant consists of an NFC chip, an NFC antenna and a biopolymer. The NFC chip stores data related to the account. The NFC antenna enables the chip to establish communication with the payment terminal. Biopolymer is the material from which the outer layer of the implant is made.

Directly on its website, the company has reviews from various people who talk about this technology as a welcome advance.

In Sweden, many people have chips implanted to replace their ID, wallet and keys

Progress that leads to the liquidation of freedom

This is progress that leads to the end of freedom. When people have chips in their hands, they will easily accept the chips in their heads that Elon Musk praises. As harmless as it may seem, this is a technology that many experts have warned against. Eventually, people will become slaves to the system and be under constant surveillance, like in China. Your every move will be recorded by the computer and your freedom will suddenly disappear. Our physical body is a perfect creation of nature, or if you prefer god. For example, in the Czech Republic, it is planned that identity cards should be in electronic form. This is a dangerous step that once again leads to body implants with a chip.

How to resist implants and tracking?

There is a simple way to support traditional values ​​- pay cash and reject these technologies. If the store does not support cash payment, avoid it. It only depends on people’s attitude, it is necessary not to look at the present, but at the future, that is, where such technology is headed. Ruling corporations and governments want to control people and know about everything they do. It is necessary to think about this and not allow anyone to insert implants with chips into our bodies, whether for the purpose of payment, identity verification or monitoring.

Featured photo: NBC News Youtube screenshot