We are witnessing many species dying out around us. The biblical Noah’s Ark was intended to help individual species survive the global flood. While we do not face a flood of biblical proportions, but as many species become extinct, isn’t the time on the ark to help preserve all that is so important to life on earth?

When TEDx celebrated its tenth anniversary in Sydney, an interesting work was created in honor of: TEDxSydney 2019: Legacy. It demonstrates what a modern Noah’s ark could look like, containing everything important, from plants and animals to all knowledge and art.

ISS Legacy X

„We store the knowledge of humankind in libraries, conserve our art in museums and galleries, hoard the genes of plants and seeds in the Svalbard vault, and record and reproduce our lives digitally. If a legacy is something valuable to be passed down, we should be well on our way to the ultimate gift.
When orbital construction commenced on the ISS Legacy X in 2019, it was the natural extension to these ideas. A safeguard. An archive. A collection that preserves and juxtaposes humankind’s achievements and the diversity of the natural world, and asks us to confront the complex relationship between the two.“

Directed and produced by: Scott Geersen
Layout & Cinematography: Substance
3D / Lighting / Shading: Rich Nosworthy, Rory McLean, Dan Cowan, Nemanja Ivanovic, Jesus Suarez, Scott Geersen, Ezequiel Grand, Aaron Covrett, Jason Poley
Edit: Joe Morris
Original Music: Michael Yezerski

Source & credit: