Can you imagine floating in water without having to move your arms or legs? A sixty-four-year-old man named Kerry Haulotte has made a unique cork suit with which anyone can float on the surface of the water. While a life jacket needs to be inflated, this suit does not need to be inflated and can be made by anyone on their own.

Making a cork suit

The cork suit was not made in one night, the man worked on it for 3 years and used 1150 corks to make it. He kept the production of the suit secret and presented his invention the moment it was completed and tested.

“Other than my wife Jamie, I kept the project a secret for the entire creation time, fearing that I may not finish the project or that it would be a massive failure,” he told SWNS news.

3450 holes were drilled into individual corks. The suit has a total weight of just over 13 pounds. Kerry tested this suit on Lake Michigan and posted a video where you can see the suit being tested. The project went well and the suit works as expected. A person floats on water with it without sinking.


This idea gained a lot of popularity

When the video was posted on the Internet, it gained immense popularity and millions of views.

“This is the coolest thing I have ever seen!” exclaimed his stepdaughter Haley, who posted the video.

“I admit I was afraid people would think I was absolutely nuts, and while that may be true, it turns out people really loved it. It has put a smile on the face of everyone observing, and all that has floated in it.”

“Incidentally, it has been signed and dated by everyone who has floated in it,” Kerry added.

What surprised 28-year-old Haley was how ‘kind’ people have been online.

“I was worried the online community would be rude, but everyone has been hyping up my stepdad, which I absolutely love to see. He is one of the most humble, creative, and interesting people I know.”

“He deserves all the recognition, love, and support. I couldn’t have gotten a cooler stepdad.”

Source: SWNS

Image credit: TY screeshot/Kerry Haulotte