Hanging dolls around the Mexican island, Isla de las Muñecas, look like dead hangers. The scary place, like a scene from a horror movie, attracts tourists and ghost hunters. The story is shrouded in a never-solved tragedy that once took place on the island.

Drowned Girl with a Doll

According to legend, farmer Don Julian Santana Barrera moved to Isla de las Muñecas in the 1950s. One day the swamps washed away a little girl’s body. The farmer tried to save her, but it was too late. No one ever found out under what circumstances the girl drowned.

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A few hours later, Julian found a plastic doll in the water. He believed that the doll belonged to the dead girl. The farmer fastened the doll to a tree to honor her memory. Julian believed that the girl’s ghost wanted more dolls for him. The desperate farmer began hanging other dolls around the island.

A Voice from the Grave or a Mad Mind?

To this day, rational individuals claim that the farmer lived alone most of his life and had a mental disorder. According to others, he never recovered from the trauma of not being able to save the girl. However, many passionately believe Julian’s story.

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The farmer’s nephew tells how his uncle confided the girl’s spirit wanted him to follow her because he no longer had money to buy new dolls. Shortly afterward, in 2001, Julian was found dead in the same place as the little girl. According to some, he committed suicide.

Live Dead Dolls

Over the last few years, the Isla de las Muñecas island has become a tourist attraction. The island with a morbid memory attracts adventurers and ghost hunters. The mysteries and secrets that still cover it bring up to several hundred tourists a day. The swamps at the island underline the terrifying atmosphere of the place.

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Many swear that dolls attached to tree trunks or pricked on the bamboo blink at them, squeaking together or rolling their eyes. Ghostbusters caught strange activities on cameras and other equipment. The dolls made sounds, laughed, and cried, even though they have no battery machine.

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