Reports that Asians live longer than the rest of the world’s population are not surprising in the media. The Japanese have the highest average age in the world. Currently, the oldest man in the world is the Japanese Chitetsu Watanabe, born March 5, 1907. For his jubilee, his name was entered into the Guinness World Records.

Passionate Farmer

After graduating from an agricultural school, Watanabe moved to Taiwan, where he worked years on sugar cane plantations for the Taiwanese sugar factory. He devoted himself to gardening as long as his strength was sufficient. After retiring, he and his son Tetsuo built a house on a hectare farm. The pensioner cultivated crops in his garden until he reached an incredible 104 years. At the age of 100 years (in 2007), he participated in the last bonsai exhibition.

From Taiwan Back to Japan

After 18 years in a sugar factory, in 1944, Watanabe joined the army and served it until the end of World War II. After returning to his hometown of Niigata, his family had a hard time. He and his wife, whom he married in Taiwan, fathered five children. The Government Office of Agriculture employed him, where he worked until his retirement.

The Secret of Longevity

Tetsuo describes his attitude to the life of his 112-year-old father:

“I’ve lived together with him for over 50 years, and I’ve never seen him raise his voice or get mad. He’s also caring. When I was working on my patchwork hobby, he was the one who praised my work the most. I think having lived with a big family under one roof, mingling with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, helped keep a smile on his face as well. “

Watanabe says his secret to a long life is to smile, not get upset, and eat sweets. Having lost his teeth, he indulges in creamy and pudding puffs every day. He does not keep any particular diet.

The old man received a gift from Guinness. He received the certificate in the old house where he now lives.

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