Could there be anything worse than a city where you are being watched at your every move? Some people feel safe under the surveillance of a camera, others feel that constant surveillance means the end of freedom and privacy. In 2007, the same number of people lived in cities as in the countryside. Now 55% of the population lives in cities and by 2050 it will be 68%. More and more cameras are installed in cities to watch us. Are you wondering which countries and cities have the most cameras? Below you can see an infographic from Visual Capitalist showing the most watched cities in the world. It’s no secret that they have an extreme amount of cameras in China where people are under constant surveillance.

The most cameras are in China

More than 1 billion cameras are installed worldwide to monitor people. 54% of these cameras are installed in China. In China, there are an incredible 373 cameras per 1,000 people.

In China, cameras use facial recognition technology and people are given social credit. It is the worst form of oppression that is spreading to other countries as well. Not only in China, but also in other countries of the world, the number of cameras is growing extremely fast. This includes India, Russia, the USA and European countries. Not counting China, you can see below the 10 cities with the highest number of cameras per 1000 inhabitants.

CityPopulationNumber of CamerasCameras per
1,000 people
Indore, India3.2M200,663
Hyderabad, India10.5M440,29942
Delhi, India16.3M436,627
Chennai, India11.5M282,12625
Moscow, Russia12.6M21317
Baghdad, Iraq7.5M12016
London, UK9.5M127,37313
St. Petersburg, Russia5.5M7013
Los Angeles, U.S.3.9M34,9599

Spying on people needs to be fought hard

The proliferation of surveillance cameras, as well as implanted chips and other surveillance technologies, needs to be fought hard. If the number of cameras on the streets increases, free cities will become prisons without freedom. Because of the cameras, the free world can easily turn into a nightmare where we will be watched at every turn.

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