The elderly people face a lot of challenges as they age. As someone continues to age there are physical and mental changes that may take place. Most of the elderly people are left on their own since the younger generation is busy chasing their lives, so they rarely have time for them. The elderly are seen to be a burden due to their changing lifestyle which might require special care.

There should be a care center which can meet their counseling and psychological need, for them to live a joy filled life. Here are some of the challenges that the aging seniors go through:

1. Health related problems

Most of the aging seniors encounter lifestyle diseases like; arthritis, hypertension and diabetes, vision and hearing loss among others. Their immune system becomes weak hence the body cannot fight disease easily. Proper care can prolong their lives and reduce the effects of these lifestyle diseases.

2. Neglect and loneliness

Most of the elderly people are left alone or under the care of a nursing homecare. They are seen as a burden to the family since they require special care and attention. Since aging comes with some lifestyle diseases, the family members feel that the elderly drain them financially because of the drugs required and special care. Most of the elderly seniors feel neglected because their children don’t spend enough time with them.

3. Financial problem

Since most elderly people have retired, most of them live in poverty if they did not save enough for retirement or invested. They end up depending on their children for their upkeep. This can affect them emotionally since they cannot live to their standards because of lack of income.

4. Sleep disorders

Aging can change sleeping pattern. Most elderly people tend to sleep few hours compared to young people. They wake up several times at night. This can be attributed to depression or a disease.

Credit: Depositphotos, Pixnio