How do you get food to people in under developed areas, suffering from poor harvest or lack of food? Brandi DeCarli and Scott Thompson came up with a solution. In cooperation with solar and irrigation companies, they have developed a solution called, a “Farm from a Box“. It is possible to create a farm capable of feeding 150 people by means of one container.

Farm from a box

One container can build a 2-acre farm because the container includes everything necessary for its establishment. It is possible to put the container literally anywhere in the world and establish a farm with it. Every container contains its own system of renewable sources of energy, solar panels, a water reservoir with the possibility to pump water from the ground and even WiFi so that everyone has remote access to important information.

The only thing that the container does not include is crop seeds, otherwise, it has everything. There is even a training program, which teaches the operator how to work with everything, especially the basics of sustainable agriculture, proper crop rotation, composting and many other things. The training plan also includes training for technology that is included in the container. The container can be used for market agriculture, so the possibility of livelihood by selling the crops that are grown. There is also an internal cooling system so that the harvested crops stay fresh for a long time.

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