Lifeguards help save a large number of lives each year. However, not everyone can be saved by a lifeguard. If a person is far from the shore, the lifeguard may not see him. When a person is on the high seas, the lifeguard may not reach him in time. Drones have become a great helper, helping to save people on Spanish beaches.

Rescue drones have proven themselves very well

Using drones to perform lifeguard duty is a pioneering service that has proven itself to be very successful. Recently, a rescue drone helped save a 14-year-old boy who was being swept away by a strong current. Rescue drones are supplied by General Drones. This company supplies 30 surf rescue drones with operators to lifeguard stations across 22 beaches along Spain’s coast.

The drone helped save the exhausted boy by flying to him and dropping his life jacket. The vest helped him not to drown and in the meantime a jet ski with a lifeguard arrived. It was a tricky maneuver because the waves were very strong. The handover of the vest was successful and the rescue of the boy was successful. Below you can see a video from Valencia where the boy was rescued.

Rescue drones help around the world. When you start to drown, every second counts. The drone reaches the drowning person in a short time and provides him with a life jacket to prevent him from drowning. The video can be an inspiration for other beaches where drones can help rescue people.

Image credit: General Drones