People are increasingly consuming electricity and its best sources are wind farms, which produce clean energy without destroying the environment. An ordinary wind farm cannot be built anywhere because it is too large and heavy. Its installation is also very demanding, which cannot be realized, for example, in cities. However, American designer and businessman Joe Doucet created a wall of wind turbines that will allow the use of wind energy anywhere.

Wind wall turbine can be placed anywhere

His invention is inconspicuous and can be installed in cities. One such wall can produce over 10,000 kilowatt hours per year and that is enough capacity to power one household. The wall is made up of 25 off-the-shelf wind turbine generators (the middle part of the blades spin around).

Credit: Joe Doucet

These are attached to 25 vertical rods with square panels attached alongside them. Wind turbine wall consists of a grid of square panes spinning simultaneously along 25 axes. Its wind turbine is 8 feet high and 25 feet wide. This concept is not fixed and can be adapted to have different wall sizes. It can be placed in many places, such as a building, a fence or anywhere in the city, such as along highways.

“You could have 25-foot rods clad entire buildings. There are a lot of reasons why wind farms are in the ocean,” says Doucet. “These are massive towers; you’re not going to see them littered around the cityscape. ”

Credit: Joe Doucet

“Instead of the typical retaining walls along roads and freeways, you’d have an array of these. With the added wind boost from trucks, our highways could take care of all our energy needs. In urban areas, there’s not a lot of open sunlight for solar to work. Wind is always there. ”

Credit: Joe Doucet

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