On the black market, the human body is a much more valuable commodity than most people would think. In particular, the trend is caused by endless waiting lists for transplantations, blood transfusions, etc. This article is definitely not intended for the faint of heart, but it widens the awareness that human bodies are actually being traded. The trade is not a small business, but a worldwide problem that cannot be quickly suppressed and it just keeps growing.

The uncontrolled migration of a large number of people who can get easily lost significantly support such activities. Here are some of the key items that belong to the most demanded on the black market, including the price for which such “commodities” can be bought.

Human blood – US$ 400 per half litre

There are many types of blood, and each has its market demand, and if someone is in need, its price is not so high, and you can buy enough. Of course, it is not just purchased on a whim, but mainly for illegal transplantations, surgeries, etc.

Corneas / Eyeballs – US$ 17,000 per piece

Yes, you are reading correctly, eyeballs and cornea are being traded, and, in fact, they are one of the most demanded parts of the human body. About 300,000 people are waiting for eye transplantation, and only about 10,000 will live to see it. You cannot transplant the entire eyeball, but the cornea can be. Eyeballs trade is especially active in China and developing countries.

Sperm – US$ 5,000 per sample

Erectile dysfunction and impotence are plaguing so many men and families that sperm has become a valuable commodity. It can b, of course, done legally, which is one of the few guarantees that you will know the real donor. However, it is also traded illegally. According to the surveys, the market price oscillates on average between US$ 5-10,000.

Kidneys – US$ 200,000

Kidneys are the most demanded organ at all, and most of them are acquired illegally. The majority of kidneys comes mainly from developing countries.


Lungs – US$ 360,000

Human lungs, together with heart and liver, are the most valuable commodities on the market. They are valuable because there cannot be any voluntary donation, but they are almost always taken involuntarily.

Liver – US$ 680,000

The price of the liver in the black market is so high that it is perhaps the best time to put off alcohol and start living healthy.

Heart – US$ 1 million

Approximately 122,000 people are expecting to have heart transplantation every year, and only 2-3,000 of them live to see it. Thus, the heart is the most precious part of the human body on the black market, and its price is about US$ 1 million.

Photo credit: flickr.com/photos/tomtolkien, Mikael Häggström, Kenshinb, Madhero88