One after another, India is now clasped in the hands of crisis, first, it’s the new variant of COVID-19 and then the related surge of black fungus found in the covid patients.

The new cases of mucormycosis (black fungus), generally a fatal fungal disease/infection, has emerged and treatment runs short. However, it typically strikes people having low immunity or taking immunosuppressive drugs, or steroids to treat the COVID-19. Experts believe that surge typically is seen in both hospitals and at-home treated patients. The patients taking the drugs or being treated in-house with oxygen therapy may be more likely to pick the mold from that area, as compared with those treated in sterilized hospitals.

What Is a Black Fungus?

The infection is caused by the group of molds called micromycetes, from the origins of soils and decaying organic matter. These molds enter the body through the air when they breathe or through the cuts in the skin. When inhaled the mold can enter into the lungs, or spread to other organs like the brain, eyes, heart or spleen. And if it goes into the eyes, they are removed to prevent molds spread into the brain. The infection can infect the sinuses and bones of the face, invade the brain, and can cause blindness to the patients. And the more dangerous part is that if the disease is not treated for a long time or prolongs treatment, it can cause the death of the patient.

However, the disease can be treated with amphotericin B, the powerful drug to treat life-threatening fungal infections.


The intravenous injection of the drugs must be administered every day for eight weeks or more and it comes in two forms, the standard amphotericin B deoxycholate, or an alternate version called liposomal amphotericin. However, the doctors prefer the latter one.

Map of COVID-associated Mucormycosis (Black fungus) cases     Credit: original map: Canuckguyedit: Kj1123, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

In July, 1,500 cases were reported in Maharashtra state. Similarly, Gujrat officials reported some 900 cases.

Steroids Make Things Worse In COVID Patients:

Covid patients are more prone to catch this disease, especially the diabetic patients after three weeks of their recovery from COVID. The main cause is the use of steroids, although they are lifesaving but can cause black fungus in patients having uncontrolled diabetes.