View of happy baby playing with soft cute toy warms up parents on heart. Would the look still be so cute if parents knew how many dangerous chemicals a toy might contain? Which substances interfere with the hormonal system and which cause cancer?

To Avoid Sucking Toys Is Not Enough

It would seem that the most critical group is babies and toddlers who put toys in their mouths. Toys, from which toxic substances enter the body through the skin or by inhalation, are equally dangerous. Children have much softer and more sensitive skin than adults.

There is no immediate danger to children when using the toy. Harmful effects occur in the longer term, when chemicals repeatedly enter the body.


Plasticizers, such as phthalates, in plastic toys can interfere with the hormonal system. Since phthalates are not firmly bound in PVC, they are released into the atmosphere. They are then inhaled and the lungs enter the body. By direct contact with the mucous membranes, phthalates are transferred directly to the blood.

Phthalates threaten kidney and liver function in children and adults, increasing the risk of allergies or asthma. They reduce the production of male hormone testosterone and sperm. Furthermore, they cause atrophy of male testes in adolescents, thereby directly affecting fertility


This volatile substance can be in textile toys or glued wooden puzzles. Formaldehyde has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 1 carcinogen – proven human carcinogen.

Some dyes and pigments are highly toxic, carcinogenic and even mutagenic. This applies to dolls, wooden, plastic and electronic toys.

Made in China

The phrase “made in China” provokes distrust in people. Not everything made in China is harmful to health. Many companies manufacture toys in China under the professional supervision of good practice, which in practice means that the toy maker pays the workforce in China. However, the products must meet strict standards and production processes according to the contracting authority. It follows that a certified safe toy can be manufactured in China.

The smell is the first signal that should light up the red light that something is wrong with the toy. The health-friendly toy is absolutely odorless. Choose a manufacturer that guarantees health and safety certified certificates.

Imitations of the European Quality Label

Under no circumstances should you buy toys without information about their origin and safe use. The most reliable indicator that a toy has been tested and meets European standards is the CE – Conformité Européenne. However, it is important to make sure that it is a genuine sign and not a sign in the meaning of “China export” that appears on goods of Chinese origin. The striking similarity of these marks is by no means accidental.