Have you ever considered how climate changes impact the mental well being of the generations to come?

Climate change is an inevitable part of earth’s metamorphosis and is the main reason that you see the earth the way it is, but incidentally, it has also been stimulated to a greater extent by harmful activities that humans are responsible for. The changes disrupt the natural balance of the glacier regions, altering the seawater levels. The increased water results in increased water vapor, which directly impacts the air pressure, and heightens the probability of recurring hurricanes and storms.

The reformed wind patterns also bring in droughts, floods, and maximize heat waves in tropical regions.

But, How Does this Impact Your Mental Health?

The answer lies in the aftermath of these intensified calamities. Hurricane Irma alone led to the evacuation of 6.5 million people. The damage done to houses, other infrastructure and most importantly to lives, was never to be compensated. Those who were forced away from their life long possessions were the only ones who would have understood the damage and heartache that was seen as a result of the hurricane. Similarly, the floods of Tamil Nadu forced millions out of there homes, and the death count was intolerable to talk about. The devastation and destruction were sure to push anyone’s pain and sufferings beyond limits, while the survivors remained behind to recount those horrific experiences.

The first step

To spare the coming generations from these unfortunate incidents, the first step needed is to ensure that the population of the areas prone to calamities by climate change should be instructed to set homes where safety and vigilance are taught as second nature. The government should take steps to minimize the part of humans in climate change by ensuring minimum carbon waste to be released into the environment. People should stand together and help those in need. Energy conservation and timely reports of weather conditions sure are the primary choices of safety options. Caution and high spirits will help to ensure minimum damage to mental health.

Credits: Pixabay.com,Needpix.com