Kyiv businessman Maksym Havrylenko came up with an unusual idea to make sunglasses from the remains of coffee. After a long year and a half of trial and error, a young businessman from Ukraine realized his idea

Initially Havtylneko experimented with other natural materials such as cardamom, mint or parsley. In the end, he discovered the ideal properties in the remnants of coffee, which are mixed with vegetable oil, and then the necessary shape is pressed.

A huge amount of coffee is produced in the world, so there is no shortage of material for production.

According to the manufacturer, the glasses are flexible enough and can serve, for example, as an alternative to conventional plastic.

Organic Eyewear

Such glasses impress not only by their fragrance, timeless style and functionality, but also by being environmentally friendly. You can dig them right in your garden and they will decompose in about ten years.

“Our super goal is to promote at least in Ukraine and the whole world, first, the idea of ​​production of clean products and second, proper waste disposal,” Haveylneko said.

Sellers are aware of the current global situation and the issue of plastic waste and want to be ecologically impressive. Ecological furniture, cups or biofuel are already produced from coffee residues.

Like coconut leaf straws in the Philippines, any such eco-friendly idea deserve a thumb up.