It looks like science fiction. The house is an impregnable fortress that survives the apocalypse. Does it remind you of something? It’s not that hard to guess. The architects of the Russian Modern House Architecture and Design were inspired by the Tesla electric Cybertruck and named their hypermodern house Cyberhouse.

Cybertruck to Cyberhouse

Electric pick-up by Tesla Cybertuck, US, introduced the visionary and businessman Elon Musk last November and caused a sensation. Its radical design inspired architects from Russian Modern House Architecture & Design who invented a house for its owners.

Cyberhouse is designed for 6 to 7 people. The main entrance would lead to a central atrium with a lift. There should be bedrooms and upstairs living areas with a roof terrace around the atrium on the ground floor.

Will It Survive an Apocalypse?

Cyberhouse, according to its architects, should serve as an impregnable fortress. The house should survive even the extreme conditions of an apocalypse. Its sloping walls would be made of reinforced concrete and lined with steel to match the car’s finish. Metal blinds should protect the windows.

Do you find this such a crazy house? Just as it is hard to imagine today that a Cybetruck electric car is standing somewhere in the city in a traffic jam, it is hard to believe that its owner falls asleep in such a house in the evening. But who knows what the future will bring. Elon Musk has over 200,000 orders for his Cybertruck.

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